About the Scholarship

This scholarship fund has been a dream of Alfredine Jordan Wiley since her career as a Guidance Educator. For many years as a high school Guidance and Counseling Administrator, she has assisted many students in obtaining scholarships, and also developed a process for alumni/businesses to set-up a scholarship fund at Cass Technical High School. She has also pursued organizations and colleges to award her students tuition scholarships in the form of internships.

The well-known former Detroit Free Press Reporter, Susan Watson wrote in her daily column in 1989 about the scholarship booklet that Alfredine compiled for the students at Cass entitled,  “181 Scholarships for Cass Technical High School Senior Students.” A few years later, Alfredine was asked to participate on a panel with Detroit News reporters, several parents and two students pursuing admissions to Ivy League schools on the college admissions process. Questions were posed to let students and parents know what they needed to do to prepare for admissions and scholarships. The information from the panelist provided a series of articles that were published in the paper during that summer. All of these events led to the birth of Jordan Educational Consulting, Inc. and the Alfredine Jordan Wiley Scholarship.

Since then the Alfredine Jordan Wiley Scholarship fund and its wonderful supporters have been able to transform a 2003 vision into an authentic reality for the past 17 years. As a result of your encouragement and financial support seventy-nine young people have had their lives enhanced as they began their education at a four year institution.

Each recipient receives a one-time honorarium which serves as a tangible reminder to each student that there are people who care about them and are willing to help them in their pursuit of an advanced education. We ask you to stay the course with us as we move forward with greater vision and commitment. Together, we will provide scholarships for deserving high school graduates from the Metropolitan Detroit Area.